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eAdmin-Spain Spanish Potential


Spain has taken advantage of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in health systems and the administration (particularly digital medical records, telemedicine, improving processes and information systems, e-procurement, digital identity, and many more) introducing them successfully in their systems and reaching implementation levels above other industrialized countries.

Spanish companies have been developing in recent years, an intense effort internationalizing its technologies, the same successfully implemented in our country. However, these fragmented actions could be strengthened by a common strategy frame.

This way, the eadminSpain coordinated action, from a business point of view, being organized by the ICT sector business Association AMETIC and supported by institutional partners, can reach better into markets and create consortiums, integrating the most competitive Spanish companies.

That is why, in order to promote the internationalization of Spanish developments business in e-Health and e-Government, AMETIC has launched and leads the estrategy IDEASpain (International Development Administration E-Spain), aimed to articulate sector coordination, identify winners products in the area of e-Health and e-Government, target markets and promote international actions.

eadminSpain has generated an enterprise partnership lead by AMETIC and supported by the government, which mission is to reach partnerships, identify technologies and potencial markets for the export of Spanish technology in the field of e-health and e-government.





Overall, Spanish sector of e-Health has been a positive development in the recent years that has led to the development of a solid industrial structure where coexists national (75% of total) and international (25% of total) companies.

In this area, the companies have an export capacity with an index above 80%. Overall, they also have international experience, reflecting this fact the high competitive of them.

This fact is also strengthened by the offering of a range of products and services ("Electronic Medical Record", "Electronic prescription", "Safety in Health Care, "Predictive medicine and medical genomics", "Health Management Software, "Interoperability between health systems", "e-Inclusion and e-Accessibility" and "Telemedicine, telecare and rehabilitation") whereby companies are able to satisfy the needs of many of the international markets which are in progressive growth (Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Colombia and China).


During the last years, Spain has shown a great ability to evolve in the e-Government market.

Today, there is growing ICT development, which is supported by the evolution of the high-speed networks.

In this context, more than half of the companies in this sector disposes of exporting capacity and within them, an index above 80% have experience in international markets.

In addition, Spanish companies are able to offer products and services ("Public procurement and electronic invoices, "Electronic office", "Audit of IT systems", "Scanning, document management and custody", "Cloud in e-Government", "Digital trust services", "Smartcities", "GreenTic", "BigData" and "OpenData"), which satisfy the needs of different international markets in progressive growth (Mexico, Chile, Brazil and China).

Project funded by:

Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo

AMETIC develops this actions under eAdmin-Spain Project (TSI-020100-2011-256) cofinance by The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism within the National Plan of Scientific research, development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011.